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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed?

We would love to say we're licensed, but the State of Michigan does not issue them!

However, many cities require permits for tree trimming and/or removal within city limits.

We will operate under the assumption that the client obtained any required local permit(s) prior to work performed.

Are you insured?

Absolutely, Woodpeckers is properly insured for all jobs!

Nonetheless, any job may still be declined due to overwhelming safety concerns or a lack of specialized equipment.

Do you remove the wood as well?

Yes! If you would like the logs and branches taken away, we would be happy to include that in your quote.

Otherwise, all logs will be cut to a manageable size when trimming/felling trees for the owner to use as they'd like.

Is there a pricing chart?

Unfortunately, no. Each tree can be so unique, so we do not have a "one size fits all" pricing model.

It would be easier for both of us, we know!

So many variables play into each project such as the type of tree, height, surrounding hazards/structures and accessibility to name a few.

Do you come to my area?

Please take a look at our standard service area below!

This does not mean we will not come to your area if you're outside of this zone, so still feel free to still reach out!

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